“We are inspired by chocolate makers who are in constant pursuit of excellence and deeply gratified by the customers who thank us for our work producing high quality cacao in the most sustainable way we know how.”

–Charles Kerchner, Founder Zorzal Cacao

Zorzal Cacao is a leading provider of fine flavor cacao to domestic and international artisan chocolate makers. We provide the craft chocolate market with cacao varietals selected for their nuanced flavors and intense aromas, carefully tending to the development of these flavors through natural fermentation and drying cycles.

As our farm grows, we continue to explore new varietals and immerse ourselves in the study of fermentation and drying as the second and third stages of flavor development. It is however, through unique relationships with artisan chocolate makers from around the world that we are able to receive expert feedback that allows us to understand the results of our work and make advances from harvest to harvest.

The quality of our dried cacao is a reflection of our commitment to the ecosystems that nurture our cacao trees and our team’s dedication to studying and practicing natural fermentation and drying techniques to elicit the finest flavors in each bean.

Our Team

Dr. Charles Kerchner

Ramon Belen

Damarys Then
Office Manager

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